What is this all about?

Octris is an experimental/toy framework and class-library for PHP developed by me, Harald Lapp. It's main purpose is for learning and experimenting, especially also for trying new language features. In this regards it's probably unstable and not recommended for use in productive environments. It also requires latest PHP, PHP 8.1 in time of writing. Its API is not garanteed to be stable across releases. It lacks documentation and tests. I do not advertise this and i do not care about a broad adoption, quite the contrary is true. Because of this reasons, the packages of this library are not published on packagist.org, but can be installed using my own repository located at https://www.octris.org/composer/.

Useful outcome is still possible, though. I have contributed to various pecl extensions during my developments and the one or another library might indeed get also a stable release.

Usage on your own risk :), have fun!


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